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Free delivery on orders over £15


iTank 3-in-1


Product Description

The iTank 3-in-1 (that includes 1 standard coil, 1 coil for herb waxes and 1 coil for dried herbs, spare tank glass, mini-tool, and jar).

The 3-in-1 iTank comes with variant atomisers that can be used with dried herbs and extracted waxes for those that have tastes that expand beyond e-liquids.

The iTank series are a robustly constructed and versatile tank series.  The internal atomiser is similar in form to an adapted cartomiser, with cotton wicks contained within the metal sheath and 1.9ohm dual coils meaning there are two resistance wire coils to heat up allowing greater contact with the liquid and a fuller vape. They are easily rebuildable meaning the atomiser can be unscrewed from the base and replaced (sold separately) when you feel it isn't giving you quite the vape it did before.

The tank body is constructed entirely from pyrex glass and stainless steel. It features no glue points and be completely disassembled by unscrewing. The advantage of pyrex is that it can be used with any e-liquid. Certain e-liquids, such as certain mint, cinnamon, fennugreek and citrus flavours, can weaken the plastics of other tanks over time. The iTank is 22mm wide. 

At the top of the iTank is an attractively designed removable 510-sized drip tip in stainless steel. 

The iTank base features a rotary dial that allows the selection of different levels of airflow for those that favour a tighter or airier draw. The base connects to batteries via a 510 thread, so are compatible with any of our devices that have this thread type.  On an ego battery, a wide plinth completes the look of the iTank and can be purchased separately. 

How to use

  1. Unscrew the top of the iTank.
  2. Check that atomiser (central pillar attached to base) is firmly screwed in place to base.
  3. Pour liquid down inside edge of glass tank rim.
  4. Reattach top of iTank.
  5. Select desired airhole size on base.
  6. Cover airhole with finger and then suck on drip tip to force liquid inside the atomiser coil.
  7. Leave to sit for a few minutes for liquid to soak into wicks.
  8. Attach to battery/mod and fire it up.