07809 621819    cloudatlasvaping@gmail.com

Free delivery on orders over £15


 07809 621819    cloudatlasvaping@gmail.com

Free delivery on orders over £15




Who We Are

I'm Phil, the owner of Cloud Atlas Vaping.  We're a small retailer of electronic cigarettes (aka vaporizers or vaporisers depending on which side of the Atlantic you live on). I quit smoking and now I use electronic cigarettes instead.  For me, once I quit, I enjoyed vaping so much I thought that helping others was the next logical step forward. However, I don't sell electronic cigarettes to stop people smoking; when I was a smoker, I hated people lecturing me about risks I was all too aware of. You can use electronic cigarettes as an addition to your regular smoking or just when it is more convenient for you to.

I started this small business looking to sell you high quality products at cheap prices by sourcing directly from the manufacturers and only selling devices that I personally would use. I'd love to have your custom and am always happy to offer advice on how to use our devices and what might work best for you, whatever your goal: be it quitting cigarettes or just enjoying a good vape.


I will mail your product to you as soon as possible because I know how frustrating it can be to waiting on your fancy new vaping gear. I will email you when your order is dispatched. Deliveries are made by First Class Royal Mail.

The packaging features a small sticker with Cloud Atlas Vaping and my logo in the corner. If you wish more discrete packaging for whatever reason, please specify on your order by simply adding a note to it.

I've tried to make our delivery pricing as fair as possible and accurately reflect our own costs. I am not making money from delivery charges, in fact odds are I'm losing it. If you want to avoid them, you are welcome to visit us at my stall in Wakefield market on Saturdays.

• Orders under £15 are charged at £2.00 delivery.
• Orders £15 or over are delivered free of charge.

At present, we only ship to UK addresses so many apologies to the rest of the world.



Our batteries and chargers are sold with a 28-day warranty, dependent on appropriate use. Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage. Please note these are electronic items and should be treated with care. Do not pierce them or expose them to extreme temperatures or impacts. Exposing batteries to electromagnetic fields may alter their lifespan. All batteries degrade over time, with or without use. As a rule of thumb, they can typically last for 300 charge-recharge cycles. Always use the appropriate charger and it is recommended that you do not charge them unattended.

E-liquids, clearomisers, atomisers, and cartomisers are sold with a DOA (dead-on-arrival) warranty and are considered consumable and disposable items.

However, if you have a problem, do get in touch and I'll do my best to help you resolve it.


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