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RBN Cartomizer for F16, F17 and other carto-tanks


Product Description

What are they?

Cartomizers are a combination of a cartridge and an atomizer in one seamless unit.  Inside they have a cotton filling that holds the juice, that is then heated by the atomizer that vaporizes the liquid. These cartomizers are available in either a 2.4ohm resistance (standard resistance - SR) or a low 2.0ohm resistance (low resistance - LR)

They have a 510 threading on the bottom so are compatible with all devices we sell and have a 510 aperture on top so can be used with our range of drip tips.


Why use them?

Cartomizers are an economical method of vaping and can normally be refilled many times before requiring replacement. Cartomizers very rarely leak because the filler holds the e-liquid in place. Do not attempt to use the cartomizer without e-liquid in it.  This will cause dry burn leading to an unpleasant taste from the singed fibres. As the flavour drops off, consider refilling them with e-liquid.


What are the different types?

510 XL cartomisers - Available in SR.  55mm long.  Single coil.  These are unpunched, so do not have holes to let liquid inside.  This means they can be used without a tank or you can add your own holes for your use in a tank.

RBN and RBN XL cartomisers - Available in LR.  45mm (can be used in atimizo) and 55mm length available. They have 4 large 2mm holes around their base. Dual coils improve performance. Reduced wadding allows them to work with even the thickest liquids, preventing dry hits at the expense of some liquid storage capacity.


How to use in tanks:

  1. To fill the cartomzer make sure it is unscrewed from the battery and on its own.
  2. Remove the silicone sheathes (the condoms) from the cartomizer if they are still on. 
  3. Tilt the cartomizer and then gently drip the liquid down the side of the metal tube onto the fibres inside. Wait for the fibres to absorb the liquid and then apply more. 
  4. When no more liquid can be absorbed, leave the cartomiser upright for a few of minutes. If the liquid is absorbed then apply more. If the liquid remains unabsorbed or has leaked from the bottom then the fibres are saturated and the cartomizer is full or you have filled it too fast.   It should hold approximately 50 drops of e-liquid (or 10 in the case of the RBN cartos). 
  5. Do not attempt to use the cartomizer without liquid in it. This will cause dry burn leading to an unpleasant taste from the singed fibres.  
  6. Replace the cartomiser into the F17 or equivalent tank.
  7. Add liquid to the tank and let it soak in through the holes for a few minutes.
  8. As a final measure, to prevent leakage of juice into the battery when reattached, take a tissue and hold it against the threaded end of the cartomizer and blow through the cartomizer’s other end (the silicone cap). Any excess liquid should be blown through onto the tissue.
  9. Screw the cartomiser onto the battery.
  10. Activate the battery and warm vapour be produced as you draw in.  You are now vaping.
  11. It sounds complicated but once you've done it once, you'll realise how simple it is.


How to clean

Quick cleaning:

  1. Remove cartomiser from battery.
  2. Remove silicone tip if present.
  3. Unwind a paperclip to create a straight wire and gently insert this into the bottom end of the cartomiser until you meet resistance.
  4. Spin the paperclip a few times and then withdraw from the cartomiser.
  5. Clean the paperclip with a papertowel.
  6. Insert the paperclip into the top of the cartomiser, down the central air tube until resistance is met.  Spin, remove and wipe as before.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 a few times to dislodge any debris attached to your coil.
  8. Blow through the cartomiser onto a napkip to clear the airway until no more dirt is displaced.


Further cleaning:

  1. Following quick cleaning, you can place the cartomiser in the central tube of a turkey baster (large plastic syringe).
  2. Draw water up into the turkey baster from a glass of water.
  3. Expel water from turkey baster back into the glass, forcing the water through the cartomiser.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a minute.
  5. Blow through cartomiser to dispel any obvious water.
  6. Leave cartomiser to dry overnight in a warm place.

Both methods are quick to do but not necessary unless you wish to extend their lifespan.