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Cinnamon flavouring



Product Description

A cinnamon flavoured concentrate made from UK sourced ingredients.

In the interest of full disclosure, cinnamon compounds are known to cause cell damage. This applies to all cinnamon flavourings, not just ours, and is a consequence of the chemicals that give cinnamon its distinctive taste. You will have encountered these same chemicals in other sources, such as fresh cinnamon, cakes and pastries. Whilst every effort is made to produce flavourings as safe as possible, it is presently impossible and may always be so, to produce a cinnamon that does not use these compounds and present this hazard. 

It contains no nicotine or added colourings. It is in liquid form to aid mixing. It is not intended to be vaped directly, but rather added to a mixed base to create flavoured e-liquid. For flavouring e-liquid, a typical mix is 80% base to 20% flavouring, though users may choose to add less or more flavouring according to preference. Flavours can be combined to create new and interesting flavour profiles.

Our flavours come in a 10ml or 60ml child-resistant capped bottle with an eyedropper tip.

Taste is a personal matter and descriptions are personal opinions. These products are not available to sale for under 18s and are not recommended for pregnant women.