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100ml USA E-liquid


Pre-mixed E-liquid

Product Description

Our pre-mixed eliquid is made to your specifications.  Choose your strength, mix and flavour combinations from the options and we will do the rest.

Flavour descriptions

Afternoon delight - A tropical fruit medley that will please anyone looking for the refreshing flavors of a tropical vacation.

Banana Nut Bread - A sweet, tasty, banana and fluffy cake treat.

Beast Treats - Oranges, strawberries, grapes, lemons and limes, ... a citrusy-blast of fruit flavors that offers a bite as ravenous as the beast inside you.

Berry Creamy - How about blackberries and blueberries with cream? A berry great one shot dessert flavour.

Blue Moo - Blueberry battles the infamous muffin cream monster and makes a spectacular vape!

Butter Pecan Pie - A sweet and delicious flavour which tastes just like Butter Pecan.

Cinnamon Roll - A deliciously sweet dessert vape, with a perfect blend of cinnamon and frosting.

Demon Energy - An explosive blend of sweet, sour, and citrus flavor. Unleash your inner Monster!

Desert Rain - Refreshingly infused with kiwi, strawberry and the flavor of vanilla bean ice cream.

Ecto Cooler - A sweet and tangy citrus vape, with hints of orange, tangerine and sweet and sour candy.

Faux Hawk - Everything you love about the original Hawk Sauce, but with a twist of raspberry. 

Forestberry Fusion - Get in touch with your inner forager, a stirring blend of berry tartness and dessert sweetness.

Freckled Lemonade - Is it hot out? Refresh your vape with our Freckled Lemonade. Lemonade with a hint of strawberries.

Fruit Punch - A fruity tropical drink e-juice blend with the vibrant flavours of sweet red punch drink followed with a smooth undertone of grapefruit.

Guabana Berry - A tropical paradise condensed down into one delectable vape. A medley of refreshingly sweet and tart tropical fruits.

Hawk Sauce - A complex blend of sweet and slightly sour berries, with a light hint of cool menthol. Mixed with inspirations drawn from the Pacific Northwest.

Honey Berries - A combination of our most heavenly fruity flavors and the decadence of honey, making it the perfect choice for a dessert vape.

Huckleberry Ice Cream - Take your taste buds to the mountaintops with this creamy blend of mountain huckleberries and vanilla ice cream!

Hug Juice - Fan of Thug Juice but not the menthol? Still seeking that delicious blend of of grape and sweet melon? Then Hug Juice welcomes you with open arms!

Juicy Cube - This hard-candy flavor is a delicate ballet of fruity, tart, and sweet.

Melonade - A blend of watermelon and lemonade.

Moo Juice - Strawberry battles the infamous muffin cream monster and makes a dessert flavor perfect for any vaper.

Mountain Huckleberry - A blend of sweet and tart in this vape that will take you away to the wooded mountains.

Orange Dreamcicle - The perfect blend of juicy oranges and delicious creamy goodness

Pistachio Ice Cream - A creamy gelato blended with rich and nutty pistachio.

Razzle Dazzle - A sweet and sour blend of deliciously fresh summer berries with just a hint of extra sour.

Razzleberry - A refreshingly light and flavorful explosion of sweet, sour and you guessed it, raspberries.

Red Moo - Perfectly captures the taste of a bowl of raspberries and cream.

Rob - A complex fruity vape with heavy notes of sweet berries, fresh watermelon and tart wild cherries. 

Root Beer - A uniquely creamy, root beer flavor based on that good ole frosted-mug classic.

Spurburry - A deliciously complex and full flavored fruity blend.

Sticky Toffee Pudding - Explore the taste of this wonderful British dessert of moist sponge cake smothered in thick, toffee sauce.

Strawbana - Fresh banana and sweet strawberry flavoring come together.

Thawed Hawk - Have you ever tried Hawk Sauce and loved everything about it, except the menthol? Then this complex blend of sweet and slightly sour berries is for you.

Thug Juice - Try this blend of berries and melon, with a cool menthol finish.

Vanishing Oatmeal Treats - A delicious cinnamon and oatmeal flavored vape juice.

Wacky Taffy - A radically delicious flavor that packs in the fruit punch with nothing to get stuck in your teeth.

Wild Cherry - Do you like cherries? Then you will go wild over this.



Which mix and strength to choose?

Most people will prefer either a 50 VG : 50 PG mix for smaller devices or a 70 VG : 30 PG mix for more powerful devices that prefer thicker liquids.  If you are unsure of what to pick, look at the holes in the coil of your atomiser tank.  If they are several millimeters wide then you can choose liquids with more VG, if not choose a more even mix.

For nicotine strengths, light smokers will probably prefer low (around 3mg) or no nicotine at all (0mg). Most heavier users/smokers will tend to use above 6mg strength.


What are nicotine shots?

The nicotine is provided in separate 10ml nicotine bottles, called nicotine shots.  Simply add all of them to your base in their entirety to provide the intended strength and consistency to your base. Shake the base well after adding.

Nicotine is a stimulating drug with addictive properties. It is not carcinogenic (cancer-causing) but it is toxic in high doses and so should be used only in moderation. It is not recommended for pregnant women. Nicotine does not affect vapour production but does add throat hit. It is measure in milligrams (mg) dissolved in each millilitre (ml) base, so 9mg strength has 9mg per ml or, to put it another way, 0.9% of the volume is pure nicotine.

E-liquid is provided in 100ml bottle with a child-resistant cap.  A nozzle cap is provided to assist in transferring liquid into other bottles for mixing.  It is recommended the child-resistant cap is replaced after use to improve security.


You must be over 18 to purchase this product.


Be sensible

Under no circumstances should you drink e-liquid because nicotine is toxic in high doses and you would risk nicotine overdose, much like drinking too much caffeine in a sitting would risk caffeine overdose. Nicotine can pass through the skin (that's how patches work) and so if you spill any e-liquid on yourself, just wash it off with some water as soon as possible. Keep the bottles out of reach of children and pets at all times. For more guidance please see our vaping guide.