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Big Dripper RBA


Product Description

A lovely rebuildable atomiser (RBA) that combines the advantages of dripping (the applying of limited number of drips directly to the wick rather than storing a body of liquid) with the convenience of a tank.  RBAs are for advanced users that are willing to wrap their own resistance coils to get a perfectly personalised vape.  They can offer unrivalled flavour and performance and extremely low maintenance costs but can be complicated, especially for beginners.  That said, the Big Dripper is an easy RBA to begin with so for those users willing to take the leap.  They work superbly on mechanicals mods where low resistance coils can create huge clouds.  Users are responsible for the safety of their coils and it is highly recommended users use a multimeter to check their coil resistance after fixing.

The central chamber is spacious enough to allow plenty of room for rebuilding and coiling, whilst the rimmed drip well allows over a dozen drops to be stored without risk of leaking.  Liquid is stored in the tank above that is sealed except for a small exit hole.  When the user draws on the tank, the spring inside the tank depresses compressing the liquid in the tank and forcing some through the hole onto the coils below, ensuring the coils maintain moist but unflooded. Airflow comes from an adjustable vent in the side of the tank, whereby how users secure the top cap relative to the base will alter the draw and users are encouraged to find which position best suits their vape. 

Inside, the Big Dripper features three screw posts, the central positive pole and two off-centre negative poles. When fitting, the coil runs between these and the wick within the coil and then coiled into the drip well.  This allows the easy building of single, double or even more coils. These raised posts keep the coils up from the base so that it doesn't drown in fluid. It already has a coils included to attach to these posts so you can get started straight away.  Additionally, it comes with a small allen key, spare grub screws and washers to assist in coil wrapping and fixing.  

Built in stainless steel, the top cap has a standard 510 hole and comes with an attractive wide-bored stainless steel drip tip

Whilst users can rewick with whichever fabric they prefer, e.g. some users prefer cotton, we sell ekowool wicks that allow dry-burning, whereby the user heats the coils in a series of extended bursts to scorch off any residue that may accumulate with use.


When building your own coils:

ALWAYS check that the battery used is appropriate for coil used.  Compare the battery's C rating against the current the coil will draw and if it is higher do not use that battery with that coil.

ALWAYS check the resistance of your coil before first using it.

DO NOT attempt sub-ohm coils (coils with a resistance lower than 1ohm) with small batteries such as the 18350 size as it is highly likely to exceed the output limits of those batteries.

REMEMBER that adding two wires connecting the posts, halves the resistance compared to one wire because it makes it easier for electricity to flow, not harder, by providing two paths.